Layout Tools

If you know your way around a computer, are a self learner with software, you can check out the Online Step by Step Planners provided by Merillat by clicking HERE. (We do need to mention that we don’t provide support for these).

If you aren’t or don’t have the time to do this then Chip N’ Nails will help you manage your project from planning to installation.

If your project isn’t new construction or a renovation with a floor plan the first step for your project layout is measuring your space to the 1/16th inch (Preferably all dimensions in INCHES not FEET and INCHES). If you want you can make a sketch of the room using our Downloadable Graph Paper counting each small square as 3 inches. The graph paper won’t be to scale so just get to the closest 3 inch square. This shows the primary room shape and the accurate dimensions you add would then be transferred to our cabinet software. And don’t worry if you should decide to purchase a set of cabinets Chip N’ Nails will send out a representative to make any final measurements and templates prior to building the cabinets.


Horizontal Dimensions:

  • Item 1. Each wall from corner to corner.
  • Item 2. From the nearest corner to the outside edge of each door or window casing.
  • Item 3. The overall width including the casing of the doors and windows. Also the outside dimensions of any appliances.
  • Item 4. From the nearest corner to the centers of supply lines, drain lines, and gas feed lines.
  • Item 5. From the nearest corner to the center of the gas connections, electrical connections / outlets, switches and cable connections.
Layout of a kitchen

Vertical Dimensions:

  • Item 6. From the floor to the ceiling
  • Item 7. From the floor to the bottom of window stools or casings.
  • Item 8. From the ceiling to the top edge of door and window casings.