Our Process

At Chip N’ Nails we build custom cabinets to your specifications but we also do Millwork for those needing to match unavailable trim work, door panels or want wooden counter tops. We are also a distributor for Merillat manufactured cabinets for situations where custom cabinets are not the preference.

To start if you don’t already have the dimensions for your project try our layout tools providing printable graph paper as well as instructions for measuring your space. If it’s new construction a copy of the space from your builders plan should provide all the information we need. If the above options are not possible then a Chip N’ Nails representative will drive to your location to get the required information. Prior to this we can still discuss what you would like to see in your project including everything from the cabinets to the fixtures. Once we have the measurements and a list of all your requirements we’ll go to work on your project estimate.

After we’ve completed the estimate, we’ll notify you by phone or e-mail. Now while the estimate is free the drawings created during the process are not so if you want copies of the drawings created during the estimate process there is a charge (Read about). That charge should you then decide to purchase from us would be deducted from the pricing.

If you select Chip N’ Nails the next step after your construction has moved to the proper stage would be to visit the project site. This is to final check the measurements and confirm that everything is a matches the plan. This step is critical since plan dimensions and what actually gets constructed can vary.

If construction doesn’t match the information we have for the job we will notify you to see if this is a modification or an error. If and error is found it allows you to work with your contractor to make any necessary corrections. In any event prior to building the cabinets a final measurement is taken and any templates required are built.

The final stage of the process is building the cabinets and scheduling them for install. While Chip N’ Nails will do the installation you can of course use any installer of your choice.